Hewlett Packard Unix Server Firmware and the HP Boot Sequence

Greg Porter

The Porter-Davis Group


Revision History
Revision 1.0106/20/2004glp
Added legal notices, some minor revisions
Revision 1.0006/14/2004glp
First DocBook edition, converted from large nasty Word doc

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Copyright and Licensing
2. Step One - The Processor Dependent Code
Getting a PDC prompt
PDC Help
The PDC Information Menu
More about the Information Menu
The PDC Configuration Menu
The PDC Service Menu
PDC Boot Tips
Find a Bootable Device
Paths and Devices
Booting and Boot Failure
3. Step Two - The Initial System Loader
ISL Commands
Help in ISL
Getting out of ISL
4. Step Three - The HPUX Boot Loader
The HPUX Boot Loader