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Newer Stuff

The only thing here right now is my quick notes on how to load an Apple PowerBook G4 with linux.

Older Stuff

DANGER! High bandwidth and Micro$oft Office required.

What follows is older stuff I had laying around that may be of use to someone. I plan on reworking the format of these docs someday into something more appropriate. A lot of them have embedded screenshots, that's why they are so big. To re-work those I'll have to actually go through all the steps again, and this time just capture the text prompts. Note that I wrote most, but not all of these. A few were written by people I work with, notably Art Berdeja and Kip Cooper.

Dim Prehistory

When I started actually getting paid to be a computer geek, I started as a system administrator/database administrator on Sperry/ Unisys 5000 mini-computers. If you want to see what one of those looked like, enter the U5000 Memorial.

HP Stuff

We replaced the U5000's with unix servers from HP. Wow, an actual TCP/IP stack. Along the way I wrote a number of how-to's, notes etc.

An explanation of HP firmware (PDC and ISL) and how a HP boots. *UPDATED June 2004* Now in low bandwidth DocBook format! May be of use to someone, especially someone trying to load linux on HP hardware.

How I load HP-UX 11.00. Explains how to load HP-UX 11.00, step by step. Intended for newbies.

How to install MirrorDiskU/X. MirrorDisk is HP's implementation of software mirroring. This guide takes you through setting up mirroring step-by-step. Intended for newbies.

How to update HP firmware. If you ever have to do this, it's nice to have someone hold your hand.


I've been asked to be a presenter at various conferences. Here are a couple of presentations I've given.

An introduction to unix security. A brief overview for newbies.

An introduction to secure shell. If you regularly use ftp and telnet across the public internet, you need to read this. Telnet is BAD.

Introduction to Big Brother. Big Brother is a great system for monitoring servers (free is good, too).

Other Stuff

A discussion on system acceptance. A very funny and very true article by Gene Woolsey on how systems are accepted in the workplace. If you have ever tried to implement new automation, you'll know what he is talking about.

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